Young Christian Family Fellowship

JBC Young Christian Family Fellowship is specifically designed for parents with children 10 years old and under. We emphasize keeping Christ in our marriages, playing the “Not So Newly Wed” game & enjoying some free fellowship time of getting better acquainted with desserts provided.

We meet once a month to take a break from being a mom and dad to hang out and form strong Christian Bonds.

Our mission is to provide Christian fellowship for young adults with kids! Keep up-to-date by liking JBC Young Christian Family Fellowship's Facebook Page.

Current News

Hey everybody! I said I wanted to get some conversations going on here while we take a break from meeting over the holiday months. I want to hear what your thoughts/suggestions are of keeping Christ in Christmas with the little ones. We have gone to the extreme as some friends and even family have pointed out. We have never done the santa thing with our boys. I grew up never believing in santa and we decided to do the same thing with our boys. The thought is that we didnt want some day to tell our child that in fact santa isnt real and we had been, in essence, lying to them for years. If we had lied about santa and all the amazing things he did, were we lying about Jesus and the amazing things we told them he did? We also do a Jesus birthday party every year with my nieces and nephews. Make a birthday cake and give him 'gifts'. Last year we started the 12 days of kindness leading up to Christmas which was really fun too. What do traditions do you have with your kiddos?

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Nov 14th 2016